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1960 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

Found in Plainview, Texas November 2004

E-Mail address: John@Brummal.com 

This is the emblem on my TBird, notice that it is a solid piece.

This is the emblem on E-Bay, notice the seam where it opens to unlock the trunk.

Notice the lock mechanism, The one on my car does not have it.


April 17, 2005 Air Show at Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, NM  I have two of the Thunderbirds pilots, #2 Major Rusty Keen, Left Wing and #3 Major Brian D. Burns, Right Wing,  in the 1960 Thunderbird.   A special thanks to Jim Talbert and Damian Orchard of the Alamogordo Mustang Club for getting me in.


There were other Thunderbirds driving the Thunderbird pilots. The 1st one is a Baby Bird driven by Jim Talbert, the 2nd one is a Square Bird driven by me, and the 3rd is a Flare Bird driven by Jack Partick.


These are some of the Mustangs displayed at the Air Show.  Do you see one car that seems out of place?

The 1960 Thunderbirds first show.


I'm holding my Grandson, Milo and this is #3 Major Brian D. Burns, Right Wing, USAF Thunderbirds.


1960 Thunderbird Convertible

This picture was taken at UTEP during the filming of Glory Road, a movie that will be out January 2006.

This TBird will be in the movie.

I'm going to keep the 1960 and here is my to do list:


Item Notes Status
New Top Robbins or Electron Tops - see John R. Draxler's e-mail to flairbirds group 1/21/2005 convertibles Services (Robbins) 800-333-1140

From John Draxler ordered fro Robbins Feb 24, 2005


Rebuild Master Cylinder     
New or Rebuild Power Steering Cylinder    
New Gas Tank Found on e-Bay for $165.00, Good tank Done Jan 2005
Add AC    
5 new tires $200 each with 2.5" white wall Steel Belt-Cooker

Check Diamond Back http://www.dbtires.com/index.htm

Done Cooker - Feb 2005
Pertronix Ignition napa  
Check into electronic Voltage Reg    
Electric Windshield wipers New Port Engineering 636-239-1698 Works great, don't forget the extension for knob to look original. Money well spent - I hate vacuum wipers. Done Jan 2005
Convertible Relay Replacement http://www.tbirdranch.com/ $600 Ordered Feb 24, 2004 from T-Bird Ranch







Thursday (10/28/04) we were downtown where they are filming a movie "Glory Road" about Don Haskins and the 1966 Texas Western College (UTEP) Basketball team's road to winning the NCAA Championship. 

It was like going back to High School with all the old cars lining the street and all the extras dress just like we dressed back then.  Yes the TBird will be in the movie along with the 1960 Ford Pickup.

Downtown El Paso

Courtney and Milo with the TBird

They gave up around midnight and went home, I was there until 4:00 am


This Thunderbird has been stored for 20 years. I keep telling myself that we are not restoring this T-Bird, we are making it a daily driver.

I get a lot of emails wanting to know if I will sell the car.  The answer is yes I will sell it, but I will not give it away.  These cars go for $38,000 plus if it is showroom see www.nada.com and add for AC.  Well mine is not showroom, but it is close.  If you are interest in buying this car I will take not a cent under $32,500.