1928 Buick Town Brougham 28-29

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This is a copy of an ad for the Silver Anniversary Buick.










Note fan belt - this serpentine belt grips a lot better than original.  See original below for car shows. 

The only non original parts are an electric fuel pump and the fuel restrictor. 





Missing door handle.  

Foot rest for short people.

Foot rest out of the way for tall people.

All 6 side windows roll up and down.


Town horn - push with left heel. 





Missing door handle 

Original fan belt.

Engine crank, thank God it has an electric starter and fires right up.



There is a crake in the brake light, they are available on E-Bay.


No the car is in El Paso not New York. This plate would bring a lot on money on EBay.











When I first saw these show tags I was going to take them off.  But they are from 1959 and 1960, so I left them.