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I want to thank James and Clara Lou Lee for allowing me to copy the below pictures from their photo album.  Any pictures that did not come from the Lee's will be noted.

Did you know that there was a miniature golf course in front of the lodge?

Did you know that the Eagle Creek Summer Home Association was called the "Southwestern Forest Fish and Game Protective Association" in the old days?

The first group of pictures are of the Lodge. I have tried to put them in order by date.



The great flood of 1941.

Flood 1941.  I put this one in for the Hutchens and Jacob cabins.



A very long time ago there was a cabin down at the gate for the caretaker.


Eagle Creek Summer Home Fish Hatchery.  All that is left is a cement slab. 


Chuck Wagon Dinner

Lee cabin July4, 1924, 25?

Mother, Mrs. Eaton, -----, Dorothy & Cecil Rowe, Baby ---, ----, Billy Eaton, Mrs. Duncan, Marguerite, Dorothy Eaton, Pete, Dad, Will Eaton - Car is probably 1924 Master Buick 7 passenger touring Car.


Lee Cabin, Before the Brummal Cabin.

Lee Cabin after the Great Flood on June 26, 1986. The cabin did not survive.

The Lee and Brummal Cabins.




Check out the old bridge.

Lee and Brummal cabin's after the Great Flood on 1941.

There was a garage/generator (Delco) next to the Brummal Cabin.



Help me on this one, ______'s cabin after the flood of 1941.

Juni cabin

Layne and Juni Cabins.

Overlooking Ruidoso from road behind the Swiss Chalet.

There was a donkey named "Pick" (Beque sent me the name for the donkey) that was kept at Eagle Creek.  James Lee, ______ and ______ are in this picture.

This is the ski road long before there was a ski road.  The cabins predate the ski area by several years.

White Mountain from road.

Rowley Cabin

I think that this is the Kelly cabin.


Do you remember the old store at the turn off on the ski road?

Hope you enjoyed these old pictures as much as I do.