5th 155mm Gun Battery (SP)

1/13, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade


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Ron De Vasto, 1967


Ron De Vasto, Keith Howard, Mike Cumming - Ron DeVasto

Camp Carroll, Robbie and don't know who - Ron DeVasto

Camp Carroll - Ron DeVasto

8 inch How. not sure the location, I think was taken at Ca Lu 

 Ron DeVasto

Some of us would sneak down to this lake to bath and swim.  Qunag Tri, taken from LZ Sharon - Ron DeVasto 

I don't remember the lake???? John

Qunag Tri Village, Not sure of the names - Ron DeVasto

Qunag Tri Village, Ron De Vasto, Richard Lund & Unknown

Ron DeVasto

Qunag Tri Village - Ron DeVasto

F.D.C. Bunker, not sure who this is - Ron DeVasto

Da Nang, Gun grunts - Ron DeVasto

Remember this shower at LZ Sharon? Joee Crow

Joee - who is in the shower?

Yes I do remember.  I think that's my bunker over his right shoulder.  I remember after taking a shower I would put my Ho Chi Minh's (sandals made from old tires) back on and walk up the hill to my bunker and the dust would fly up and get me from the knees down. John




Becker on left, March in the middle and Crow on the right.

Now this is sad.  I remember during the monsoons it was cold.  These guys are staying warm while burning the shitter.  

I remember this bunker - It was at LZ Sharon, they had their own shower.  Right?

Joee Crow next to me was Chopper in the middle ? ,2nd from L. ? but he was killed some time later, on the left end was a corpsman ,I think. Joee Crow



The guys filling sand bags are Joe Crow, me in the middle, and March with the shovel. GREAT PICTURES!!

Semper Fi

Doc Humphries


Dan Smith with helmet and John Knollmaier w/o Helmet. Ca-Lu     "Fireball 8"

The photo was taken at Ca-Lu (Fireball 8) just after we returned from Khe Sanh.  John was driver, I (Dan Smith) was passenger.  Our convoy got hit by NVA artillery.  John's M16 was the only casualty in our vehicle, the hand grip got shot off. 

Last party pictures in Okinawa, July 1967

Means, Sgt's Blankenship UNK UNK

Means in rear and Clark

Gunny Herbeck, Sgt UNK, Sgt Smith, Sgt UNK, Ed Moore, "Bones" Crawford


Glen, Willis, Hartzog, UNK


This was taken by one of our Navy Corpsmen and made into a Christmas Card.

John!!!!! I just took a look at the photos  on your photo page. that's the Christmas card I made!!!! I lost my own copy of it . It brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe it. I made 2 different cards, one was this one which the Major wanted me to put "Kill a Cong for Christ" on his and another one shot at sunset of a bogie scope or aimer of some type. I'm blown away!!! I haven seen that picture since I was there!!!. 

Fred Pettee


Cpl. Brummal in front of our bunker at LZ Sharon

Wash day at LZ Sharon. Notice using the 155 power canisters to wash in.

Going Home Day, December 68

Capt. Steen, Khe Sanh, February 68

Lt. Wasson, Queson, August 67

Red Beach Danang, 67 - Bob Means is on the dozer.

Lt. Wasson, Khe Sanh, February 68

Capt. Steen, October 67 (I don't think its his turn to burn the shitter)

Anderson, Huntington, Capt. Steen, October 67

Swagger, Allen, Danang, October 67

Danang, October 67

SSgt. Enos R. Snowman, December 67

Queson, August 67