5th 155mm Gun Battery (SP) (Rein)

1/13, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade


Roster and E-Mail List

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Last Update: March 7, 2011

Most of the names came from a Battery roster dated December 1967, thanks to Col Steen who got the roster from HQMC and Bob Means who sent the roster to me.  Some of the names were hard to read so let me know of any changes.  If you were in 5th 155 in Vietnam and are not on our list PLEASE let me know.  John@Brummal.com


Name Rank Dates Incountry E-Mail Home
Abbott, Ronald Lance Corporal
Acosta, Harvey Lance Corporal
Adame, Alvind Lance Corporal
Adams, Richard 1st Sergeant
Alexander. Robert Gunnery Sergeant
Allen, Robert Corporal allen916@Twcny.rr.com Durhamville N.Y.
Almon, Al Corpsman, HM2 Feb-Sep 68 bea123alr@lvcm.com Las Vegas,NV
Anderson, ? 1st Sergeant
Anderson, Gearld Lance Corporal
Anderson, Dale Lance Corporal
Andrews, Ralph Corporal
Armstrong,Cecil Corporal
Aszmus, Laurence "Larry" Sergeant Mar 68 to Mar 69 aszmus@gci.net Anchorage, AK
Backens, Eric Lance Corporal
Balduf, John PFC
Beck, John April 68 - April 69 amgrkids@delanet.com Elkton, MD
Becraft, William Corporal
Bender, Warren Sergeant May 68 - May 69 wbender@sccoast.net Green Sea, SC
Bennett, James PFC
Berry, Gerny (?) Lance Corporal
Biringer, James Corporal
Birtzler, Ronald Corporal
Black, Robert - Battery CO Major
Blake, Marvin PFC
Blankenship, Ryan Staff Sergeant
Boes, Jim PFC February 68 - March 69 ramboesusmc@hotmail.com Aurora, IN
Boggs, Cleatus oldfartb@earthlink.net Kingsport, TN
Boothe, Rod Lance Corporal
Brady, Stephen Corporal
Brown, George Corporal
Brummal, John Corporal June-November 68 John@Brummal.com El Paso, Texas
Bryant, William Gunnery Sergeant
Buck, Michael
Burdge, J L (Jim)  Corporal May 69 - March 70 - Last Round JLBurdge@aol.com
Tulsa, OK
Burns, Wayne Gunnery Sergeant
Burt, Billy Private
Campbell, David Lance Corporal
Campos, Gilbert Lance Corporal Feb 69 - Oct 69 gcampos@edd.ca.gov
Cassidy, Robert 1st Lieutenant
Chandler, Daniel Lance Corporal April 67 - Feb 69 uncledan@theriver.com
Clack, Dennis PFC Sept 67 - Aug 68 DLClack@aol.com Mableton, GA
Clark Baron Corporal
Clary, Robert Private
Conroy, Clarence PFC
Constine, David Corporal
Cook, Alan Corporal
Cook, Tony Lance Corporal 1969 anthony.m.cook@lmco.com Denver , CO
Corbon Dana Corporal
Corcoran, Ronald PFC
Cossitt, Theodore
Courtney, John Lance Corporal
Crawford, Robert Corporal
Creigher, Charles Corporal
Crews, John (?) Lance Corporal
Crow, Joee Corporal Mar 68-Apr 69 joephyllis34@MSN.com
Cummings, Michael (?) Staff Sergeant
Czuker, John Corporal
Dailey, Richard Sergeant
Dalso, Joseph (?) Staff Sergeant
Daum, John Corporal - December 67 (2Years) Levitsburg, OH
Davidson, Robert Lance Corporal
Debaker, Robert PFC
Dereberry, Gerald 1st Lieutenant
De Vasto, Ronald Lance Corporal Aug 1966 - Oct 1968 hypno-de@cenlink.net Winter Park, FL
Dietrich, Daniel Lance Corporal
Dixon, Charles Corporal
Dobbs, Ricky Corpsman, E-6 rdobbs7@hotmail.com
Dowd, Edward (?) Corporal
Dubbie, Brent (?) Sergeant
Durham, Kenneth 1st Sergeant
East, Charles "Chuck" Lance Corporal
Eddings, James Corporal
Eilts, Thomas (?) Corporal
Faberi, Richard (?) Corporal
Fannin, Jerry PFC
Fields, Michael PFC
Finley, Ronald Corporal
Flower, Robert Sergeant
Floyd, John Corporal - 1969 john.w.floyd@navy.mil
Frank, David Lance Corporal
Gager, Michael Corporal
Garcia, Moreneo Sergeant
Gennai, George Corporal
George, Wilbert Sergeant
Gilbert,Vernon Sergeant
Glaxitack, Stephen (?) Staff Sergeant
Gonzales, Reno Sergeant Feb 68-Feb 69 renogonzales@cox.net Tucson, AZ
Graig, Raymond Sergeant
Graun, Jan PFC
Gray, Dennis Lance Corporal
Green, Arlie Staff Sergeant
Grimes, Kieth Corporal 1967-68 Unk Las Vegas, NV
Hag_ _ _ old, Walt (?) Lance Corporal
Haley, Samual Lance Corporal
Hall, John Sergeant
Hamilton, Alexander Lance Corporal
Hangfee, John (?) Corporal
Hansberry, Bruce 4/68 - 10/68 wilhans@swbell.net
Euless, TX
Harbeck, Clifford Gunnery Sergeant
Hartzog, Willis Corporal 9/66 - 12/67 Hhartzogj@wmconnect.com Tylertown, Mississippi
Hearn, James Sergeant
Herzog, Paul Lance Corporal herzog46@hotmail.com
Hinke, Ronald Lance Corporal
Howard, Keith Sergeant 8/65-6/66 & 7/67-4/68 kahoward2@adelphia.net Chino Hills, CA
Ho _ et Harry (?) Staff Sergeant
Horn, James  Lance Corporal  - April 68 james.horn@diebold.com Cincinnati, OH
Holstien, Charles Corporal
Hoskins, James Gunnery Sergeant
Hu _ _, David (?) Lance Corporal
Hull, Ervin Staff Sergeant
Humphries, Billy "Doc" Corpsman '11/68 - 5/69 bhumphr98@yahoo.com Cape Girardeau, MO
Huntington, Greg Lance Corporal
Husted, Mitchell Lance Corporal
Ivanovitch, Michael Sergeant
Jantz, Laurence "Larry" Lance Corporal jantzl1970@aol.com
Jeske, Dennis Lance Corporal
Jobe, Richard richard.jobe@acetrans.com
Johnson, Lonnie Lance Corporal
Jones, James Corporal
Jones, Larry PFC
Kalin, Mark 1st Lieutenant
Keane, Edward Corporal
Kleynenger (?) Lance Corporal
Kline, David PFC
Klone, Larry Corporal
Klunx, Harold 2nd Lieutenant
Knollmaier, John Corporal JONNIE2384@aol.com
Kroff, Llyod Staff Sergeant
Lamar, John Sergeant
Leddux, Thomas (?) Corporal
Lentz, Glenn Lance Corporal
Lind, Robert Lance Corporal 67-may 68 irwloc7@comcast.net
Lindberg, Richard Lance Corporal
Little, Kenneth PFC
LLoyd, Ronald Sergeant
Lo _ _ ey, Donald (?) Corporal
Lohnes, Donald Lance Corporal
Lopez, Pedro Corporal
Lopez, Ralph Lance Corporal
Luby, Wayne PFC
Maack, Francis Staff Sergeant
Mack, Charles Corporal
Madden, Robert Staff Sergeant
Malaney, Jackson Corporal July 67 - Aug 68 Jmalaney@springercoop.com Cimarron, NM
Manoakey, L (?) PFC
Martin, Roger D. Private 1967 - 1968 RogMart6@aol.com Southampton, NJ
Masch, Jay (?) Staff Sergeant
Mathison, Robert Lance Corporal
McCoy, James Sergeant
McElhiney, Raymon Corporal July 1967 - Feb 68 RMcelhiney@portageco.com
McGovern III, Edward "Ned" Lance Corporal Apr 67 - May 68 emcgovern4@comcast.net Summit, NJ
McKay, Daniel Lance Corporal
McKee, Robert Corporal
McQueen, Edward (?) PFC
Means, Robert Corporal Feb 67 - March 68 bobjuliet@oasisonline.com Urbanna, VA
Meek, Larry PFC
Messenger, Charlie Staff Sergeant
Milanesi, Louis C. mid '69 - March 70 - Last Round MilanesiL@uwstout.edu Menomonie, WI
Minnier, (?) Lance Corporal
Monasonery, Kerry (?) PFC
Monick (Corpman) Staff Sergeant
Montako, Henry (?) Lance Corporal
Moore, Eddie Corporal
Mooty, James (?) Lance Corporal
Muller, Page Staff Sergeant
Murdock, Robert J ? - November 67 MURDOCK@cdnet.cod.edu
Murphy, Pat Lance Corporal Mid 67 - December 67 pmurphy35@cox.net
Niemann, Robert Lance Corporal
Olson, Robert Lance Corporal
Orton, David Corporal
Ottman, Robert Corporal
Palmer, John Sergeant
Parker, Edwin Captain
Pasteur, Arthur Private
Pettee, Fred Corpsman, E- mrfredsporty@comcast.net Nashville, TN
Pierson Corporal
Pryce, Harry "Harve" Corporal February 68 - March 69 Rising Sun, IN
Pylate, Ronald Lance Corporal Dec 67- Jan 69 pylater@bellsouth.net Ocean Springs, MS
Ready, James Sergeant
Reider, Kevin Corpsman, E-5 lifeskills@gci.net Big Lake, AK
Reinhart, Guy Private
Rendelman (Corpman Corporal
Reni, Jim March 67 - April 68 unk
Ribinson, Charles Staff Sergeant
Richardson, (?) PFC
Richmond, Alen Sergeant
Riechie, Charles Corporal
Robbins, Jon Lance Corporal
Roberts, William Sergeant
Robinette, Stephen Lance Corporal
Rodgers, Duane 1st Lieutenant
Roth, Robert PFC
Sabo, Thomas Lance Corporal
Samson, Gary Lance Corporal
Sch _ einer, Linden (?) Lance Corporal
Schexnayder, Jerry Staff Sergeant Oct 67-Apr 68 shakeysr@bellsouth.net
Schief, Elliot Sergeant
Schmidt, Arther - CO 5th 8" (SP) Captain
Schnell, Carl Sergeant
Scollan, Michal (?) Lance Corporal
Shannon, Wendell Sergeant WENDELLSHANNON@sbcglobal.net Oklahoma City, OK
Shearer, Ronald Lance Corporal
Shores, Earl SSgt Feb 69 - Oct 69 pashores@earthlink.net

This is his Daughters e-mail address.

Newark, DE
Sigman, Gary Lance Corporal
Simler, George Corporal June 67 - Aug 68 Georgesimler@aol.com Knoxville, TN
Simpson, James Corporal
Skaggs, James Corporal
Smith, Daniel Lance Corporal July 67 - June 68 GSChief1@aol.com Garden Grove, CA
Smith, David Sergeant
Smith, Harold Staff Sergeant
Smith, James Lance Corporal
Smith, Jayne Lance Corporal
Snell, Richard Corporal
Snowman, Enos Staff Sergeant snowman981@bellsouth Milton, FL
Snyder, Harry Sergeant
Spalding, Lance Corporal
Sprankle, Harry Corporal
Stafford, Clifford Corporal June 68 - Dec 68 semperfiguy3@yahoo.com Shakopee, MN
Stagler, Re Corporal
Steele Captain
Steen, Kent-CO 2nd Plt Captain Kent.Steen@consulting.fujitsu.com Jacksonville, FL
Stevens, Thomas Corporal
Stieainger, Robert (?) Sergeant
Sullivan, Kennie Corporal
Swagger, Robert Lance Corporal
Sweet, Leonard Corporal
Tac _ _ kie  (?) Sergeant
Tafoya, Michael Lance Corporal
Thornhill 1st Lieutenant
Thrasher, William "Bill" Sergeant Feb 68-Feb 69 william919@bellsouth.net Decatur, AL
Tinney, William Sergeant bnbtin@comcast.net Newark, DE
Troy, Joseph Lance Corporal
Uglow, Robert Sergeant shi4brains.aol.com Phoenix, AZ
Urista, Terrance (?) Sergeant
Valentio, George (?) PFC
Vanstan, Daniel Corporal
Voehl, Karl Sergeant
Waler, John Corporal
Wasson, Ronald - XO 2nd Plt 1st Lieutenant wasron@msn.com Oklahoma City, OK
Weaver, Patrick Sergeant
Weingart, Keith Corporal
White, Grieg PFC
Williams, Charlie Corporal
Wilson, Alan (?) Sergeant
Wilson, Robert Sergeant
Young, Ray (?) PFC
Young, William Sergeant