Why Keller Williams Realty - El Paso

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Commission Splits


We bring all of our partners into Keller Williams on a 70/30 commission split.

When the 30% going to Keller Williams Realty - El Paso equals $18,000 the partner caps for the balance of their year.  (Each partners year begins the first of the month after they join us). 

If you affiliate with a nationally known real estate company such as Keller Williams, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, ERA, ect. there is a franchise fee, broker service fee or royalty fee involved.  This fee is typically 8% and can be as much as 10%.  The Keller Williams fee is 6%.  This fee pays for the cost of franchising the concept of your company.  With Keller Williams Realty - El Paso this fee is taken off the top, before the split, meaning our partners are only paying 4.2% and Keller Williams Realty - El Paso is paying the rest.  Again, once our partners cap on their commission split they also cap on the royalty fee.

After our partners cap, the royalty fee goes to 0% and the commission split goes to 100/0 for the balance of the partner’s year.  Remember, the 8% royalty/broker fee is forever in the other companies.

Now lets look at what goes into your pocket.  Our partners make on average 3% per side of a transaction, so I will assume that that is true throughout the industry.  If you sell $2,000,000 your first year in the real estate business, the money you bring into the company will be approximately $60,000.  With Keller Williams Realty you will make about $42,000.  If you go with another nationally known real estate company on a 50/50 split, you will make about $29,362.  The difference in your take home is $12,638.  What could you  do with an extra $12,000 a year?

Now lets look at a $5,000,000 producer.  After they cap it really makes a difference.  With Keller Williams Realty they will take home about $128,000.  With another nationally known real estate company they would take home about $69,000.  The difference in your take home is about $59,000, and it only gets better from there.

Recruiting new partners into Keller Williams is our life blood.  We believe in rewarding our partners who help our company grow.  We share our profits with the partners that recruited the partners that help us make a profit.  To my knowledge we are the only real estate company in El Paso that shares profits.  We have partners who, after they cap, are making over 100% in commission because of profit sharing.  How’s that for an added bonus?

When other companies tell you they will give you stuff for free, they can well afford it from the profits they are making off of your production!!!!













Your Expenses With Keller Williams Realty - El Paso


Keller Williams Realty Fees:


                KW Consortium Fee:           $10.00 Per Month

                E & O Insurance:                  $15.00 Per Month

                New Partner Training:         $800.00 one time fee, payable $100 per transaction side for your first eight transactions.  If you    never sell anything you owe us nothing.  Refer back to Commission Split and free stuff.

               Royalty:                              6% taken off the top, before split


Our partners pay all their expenses including, but not limited to: business cards, open house signs, signs riders, name badges, etc..  Keller Williams Realty will provide yard signs, but I have found over the years that partners will purchase their own yard signs with their name and cell phone.