Milo Perry Voss - Our first Grandson


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Milo Perry Voss

Date of Birth: October 11, 2003 - 11:39 am MDT

Weight:  6 lbs 9.2 oz.

Length: 20 inches


April 17, 2005

Milo, Me (PawPaw) and #4 Thunderbird pilot Major Brian Burns USAF, Right Wing

Milo wants to be a pilot, we need to paint USMC on this bird.

Christmas 2004

Mama, Milo and Dad


Dad - Let me get it out of the box!!!!


I thought this was cute, Milo has all these new toys and he goes to his toy box and gets this old (from the 50s) toy to play with.


Boom - this one lets him blow up things


Milo got his first back pack


Courtney gets a new sweater


Milo helping Matt read a Christmas Card


Grandma gets a new old lunch box, the same one she had in grade school


Milo helps PawPaw open his present


BatBoy Halloween 2004

Gracie, Grandma, Milo, Mama


Milo's 1st Haircut, Sunday, October 24, 2004 - Before

No Mama I don't want a haircut



This picture was taken at Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.


Milo's 1st Birthday


Pam and Milo at the Cabin


Milo's 1st Trip to the Cabin over Easter weekend


Milo's 1st Easter Basket

Mom and Milo on the front deck

Pawpaw and Milo having fun

This is Easter Sunday, we got a lot of snow!!!!


Milo and Grandma Pam

Milo checking out Grandma Pam.

Milo goes on his first Mudding outing.

Milo - less than 30 minutes old

Waiting for the big moment 

Courtney and Milo right after birth

Courtney looks pretty good for just giving birth


"Grandma Pam" Looking over her 1st Milo (4 days old)

A very proud Grandfather (Paw Paw)